Prof. Dr. Christian Klug

Main Research Interests

  • Mode of life, morphometrics, palaeogeography, and phylogeny of Devonian, Carboniferous, and Triassic ammonoids
  • Evolutionary palaeoecology of fossil ectocochleate cephalopods
  • Origin of ammonoids
  • Soft-tissue attachment structures in fossil cephalopods
  • Anatomy of Triassic cephalopods
  • Sexual dimorphism of ammonoids
  • Devonian palaeoecology in the eastern Anti-Atlas
  • Devonian stratigraphy
  • Devonian of northern Africa
  • Anatomy of Mesozoic coleoids
  • Taphonomy of fossil cephalopods
  • Devonian jawed fish

Current projects

  • A new Fossillagerstätte from the Late Devonian of Morocco: faunal composition, taphonomy and palaeoecology
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  • Evolution and Palaeobiology of early cephalopods (Nautiloidea)
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  • Evolution of intraspecific variability and palaeoecology of Cretaceous Ammonoidea
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  • Palaeobiology and anatomy of Mesozoic coleoids
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  • Taxonomy and Palaeogeography of Early Carboniferous Ammonoids from northern Africa
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Earlier post-doctoral fellows

  • Dr. Kenneth De Baets WWW

PhD students

Earlier PhD students

  • Dr. Kenneth De Baets WWW

Earlier MSc students

  • MSc Linda Frey
  • MSc Alexander Pohle
  • MSc Amane Tajika
  • BSc Lorena Tessitore