PD Dr. Torsten Scheyer

General research interests

  • Evolutionary morphology and palaeobiology of vertebrates
  • Development of soft and hard tissues of vertebrates (focus "integument")
  • Microanatomy and microstructural analysis of bone
  • Interaction of functional, phylogenetic, and structural aspects in vertebrates
  • (Palaeo-)Ecology of fossil and extant vertebrates
  • Evolution and Development in armor-bearing vertebrate groups (e.g. thyreophoran dinosaurs, turtles, crocodiles, placodont reptiles)

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Field work

Schesaplana 2008 Link

Venezuela 2011 Link

Current projects

  • Bone histology of Mesozoic marine reptiles
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  • Bone microanatomy and microstructure of extinct reptiles (incl. archosauromorphs,lepidosauromorphs and turtles)
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  • Sensory Palaeoecology in Secondary Aquatic Reptiles – The Radiation of Independent Triassic Marine Reptile Lineages following the Earth’s Largest Mass Extinction Event
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Earlier post-doctoral fellows

  • Dr. Christian Kolb

PhD students

Earlier PhD students

  • Dr. James Neenan WWW

Earlier MSc students

  • BSc Iris Ehrbar
  • MSc Vivien Jaquier
  • MSc Olivier Strauss