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Dr. Jordan Bestwick

  • Holwerda FM, Bestwick J, Purnell MA, Jagt JWM & Schulp AS (2023) Three-dimensional dental microwear in type-Maastrichtian mosasaur teeth (Reptilia, Squamata). Scientific Reports 13: 18720

  • Fawcett M, Lautenschlager S, Bestwick J & Butler RJ (2023) Functional morphology of the Triassic apex predator Saurosuchus galilei (Pseudosuchia: Loricata) and convergence with a post-Triassic theropod dinosaur. The Anatomical Record 1-17

  • Bestwick J, Godoy PL, Maidment SCR, Ezcurra MD, Wroe M, Raven TJ, Bonsor JA & Butler RJ (2022) Relative skull size evolution in Mesozoic archosauromorphs: potential drivers and morphological uniqueness of erythrosuchid archosauriforms. Palaeontology 65: e12599

  • Bestwick J, Jones AS, Nesbitt SJ, Lautenschlager S, Rayfield EJ, Cuff AR, Button DJ, Barrett PM, Porro LB & Butler RJ (2021) Cranial functional morphology of the pseudosuchian Effigia and implications for its ecological role in the Triassic. The Anatomical Record 305: 2435-2462

  • Bestwick J, Unwin DM, Henderson DM & Purnell MA (2021) Dental microwear texture analysis along reptile tooth rows: complex variation with non-dietary variables. Royal Society Open Science 8: 201754

  • Bestwick J, Jones AS, Purnell MA & Butler RJ (2021) Dietary constraints of phytosaurian reptiles revealed by dental microwear textural analysis. Palaeontology 64: 119-136

  • Bestwick J, Unwin DM, Butler RJ & Purnell MA (2020) Dietary diversity and evolution of the earliest flying vertebrates revealed by dental microwear texture analysis. Nature Communications 11: 5293

  • Hoffman R, Bestwick J, Berndt G, Fuchs D & Klug C (2020) Pterosaurs ate soft-bodied cephalopods (Coleoidea). Scientific Reports 10: 1230

  • Bestwick J, Unwin DM, & Purnell MA (2019) Dietary differences in archosaur and lepidosaur reptiles revealed by dental microwear textural analysis. Scientific Reports 9: 11691

  • Bestwick J, Unwin DM, Butler RJ, Henderson DM & Purnell MA (2018) Pterosaur dietary hypotheses: a review of ideas and approaches. Biological Reviews 93: 2021-2048

  • Dunhill AM, Bestwick J, Narey H & Sciberras J (2016) Dinosaur biogeographical structure and Mesozoic continental fragmentation: a network-based approach. Journal of Biogeography 43: 1691-1704

  • Bestwick J & Smith AS (2015) Creswell Crags fossil material in the Nottingham Natural History Museum, Wollaton Hall, UK. The Geological Curator 10: 181-192

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