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Paläontologisches Institut Cephalopods 2014

9th International Symposium Cephalopods ‒ Present and Past ISCPP 9

in combination with the

International Coleoid Symposium

Universität Zürich, September 04-14, 2014


We cordially invite you to participate in the 9th International Symposium Cephalopods ‒ Present and Past and the International Coleoid Symposium, which will be held from September 04-14, 2014 in Zürich (Switzerland).

This tri- to quadrennial cephalopod symposium has its origin in the O. H. Schindewolf Symposium in 1985 at Tübingen University (Germany). The proceedings volume of this symposium was published in 1988 with the title "cephalopods - present and past", hence the name of our meetings. This series of meetings is intended to be interdisciplinary in the sense that neontologists and palaeontologists from the entire planet meet and present their cephalopod-related research on biological and palaeontological topics. The cephalopod symposium is probably the best opportunity to learn more about recent advances in both fields of work. It also serves networking purposes and especially the field trips have proved valuable in this respect. Its moderate size and its interdisciplinary nature provide a well-balanced mixture of highly interesting talks and discussions, and it gives the meeting its particular charm.

We naturally hope to attract the interest of cephalopod workers from all over the globe and covering all disciplines involved with cephalopod research. You are therefore cordially invited to present your scientific results, discuss your contributions, exchange your ideas, and plan your future cooperation. We welcome not only experienced scientists and museum employees but especially young colleagues, who just started with their cephalopod research, be it as undergraduates, graduates, in a Master's program, or in the course of their PhD-thesis. Additionally, non-professionals such as voluntary museum workers, species conservationists, fossil collectors or other persons interested in the subject are very welcome!

It is our aim to cover a broad range of cephalopod-related topics, to create a friendly and constructive atmosphere for scientific exchange, and to have a joyful time here in the largest town of Switzerland.

Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Hugo Bucher (Zürich, Switzerland)
Dr. Larisa Doguzhaeva (Stockholm, Sweden)
Dr. Dirk Fuchs (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)
Dr. Christian Klug (Zürich, Switzerland)
Dr. Dieter Korn (Berlin, Germany)
Dr. Neil Landman (New York, USA)
Prof. Pascal Neige (Dijon, France)
Dr. Günter Schweigert (Stuttgart, Germany)
Dr. Jan Strugnell (Bandoora, Australia)
Prof. Kazushige Tanabe (Tokyo, Japan)
Prof. Dr. Peter Ward (University of Washington, USA)
Dr. Margret Yacobucci (Bowling Green, USA)

Organising Committee

Dr. Christian Klug (University of Zurich)
Dr. Dirk Fuchs (Freie Univerität Berlin)
Heike Götzmann (University of Zurich)
Dr. Walter Etter (Naturhistorisches Museum Basel)
Dr. Günter Schweigert (Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde, Stuttgart)
Dr. Heinz Furrer (University of Zurich)
MSc. Antoine Pictet
MSc. Carole Naglik (University of Zurich)



































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