About the institute


In 1956, the erstwhile Zoological-comparative anatomical Institute was split up into three independent institutes: the Zoological Institute, the Zoological Museum, and the Paleontological Institute and Museum.

The incredibly successful excavations of vertebrate fossils from the Middle Triassic of Monte San Giorgio in Southern Ticino, conducted since 1924 by Bernhard Peyer and from 1950 on by Emil Kuhn-Schnyder, have largely contributed to the establishment of an independent paleontology in Zurich.

Direction of the Institute

The first full professor for Paleontology at the University of Zurich was Prof. Dr. Bernhard Peyer, acting from 1943 to 1955.
He was succeeded by the following full professors, who simultaneously acted as the directors of the Paleontological Institute and Museum, founded in 1956:

Prof. Dr. Emil Kuhn-Schnyder
Prof. Dr. Hans Rieber
since 2017


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